The Great Awakening
in New England

Religion in America

Recapturing the Spirit

      Decline in church membership & fervor

      Deterioration of community, discipline

      Innovations in preaching


      “Fire and Brimstone” sermons: scare tactic

      Yale University, New Haven, Conn., 1701

Kindling the flames

      Jonathan Edwards in Northampton

      1735-39: “Showers of grace”

      “Sinners in the hands of an angry God”

      George Whitefield, 1740

      Fiery effect in an American preaching tour

      New England set ablaze

The Revivals Flame Out

      The problem of itinerant ministers

      Gilbert Tennent, Presbyterian from New Jersey’s “Log College”

      The Dangers of an Unconverted Ministry

      Ministers divided: New Light, Old Light

      Division of churches: Enthusiasm vs. coldness

      Triumph of ministers becomes final blow to Puritan vision