New England

Religion in America

Refuge in America

     Protestantism in danger?

     Going to America

     Prophesied in Revelation

     The Great Migration: 1630-1642

     15-20,000 immigrants

The “Bible Commonwealth”

     An ideal Christian society like Geneva

     Bible as basis for law and morality


     Town covenants

     Covenant as a people


     A just, equitable, sustainable society



     Congregational polity

     Church membership & conversion, 1636

     Church membership & franchise & public office

     No “human inventions”

     Printing press: Bay Psalm Book, 1640

     Harvard College, 1636


Puritan Life

     Family based; no living alone

     Moderate enjoyment of life

     The work ethic: useful, productive, sober, industrious

     Controlling dissent, establishing authority

     Roger Williams

     Anne Hutchinson and the antinomian controversy

Puritans and Indians


     “Come over and help us”?

     Minions of Satan?

     The Pequot War, 1636

     Exterminating a “proud” and “haughty” tribe

     John Eliot & Praying Towns, 1649

     Never completely accepted